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The Blue Surfer Girl Story

From dance to running to strength building, physical activities have always been my passion. When I was a little girl in Russia, I loved music, art and ballet. Dancing made me strong and gave me a way to express myself. I dreamed of becoming a ballerina or an artist.

But life had other plans for me. By the time I was a teenager, I had forgotten my childhood dream and moved away from what I used to love. I became a young, single mother of a little boy with cerebral palsy. This was a difficult time in my life. Yoga and jogging were my escape and gave me the focus to power through the obstacles in my path.

I set dreams aside and faced life’s struggles head on. I fought for my boy. I didn’t want to accept that his disability was permanent. Once again, I dreamed. But this time, my dream was that my son would walk.

 Although he never was able to walk, I loved him fiercely. And I never gave up hope that one day I would give us a better life.

 As my son grew, I needed to become stronger. 15 years ago in Russia, there were few accommodations for disabled people like my son. When the elevator in our building was broken, I had to carry him and his wheelchair up and down eight flights of stairs. I exercised to build my stamina and make my arms and back strong enough to carry my boy.

Many years later, I met a wonderful man who asked me to marry him. My son and I left Russia behind and moved to a foreign country and an unknown future. But I had no fear because I knew there could be no problem or pain greater than what I had already overcome.

I worked hard to learn a new language and new customs. I started a new career and graduated from  a local University. I made a good living in the corporate world and brought another beautiful son into the world. Finally, I thought, I can relax, travel and enjoy my hard-earned stability and security.

For anyone else, maybe that would be the end of the story. But not for Blue Surfer Girl.

What I experienced next set me on a path that little Russian girl could never have imagined. 

Standing on the Maui shore, surf board in hand, I felt a pit of fear in my stomach but my dream to surf was stronger than my fear.

My first time on the board, I did not fall. I rode the wave all the way to the shore. And for the first time in many years, a feeling of complete freedom overwhelmed me.

My little dreamer girl came rushing back with her unstoppable belief in herself. And the certainty that all things are possible if you dare to dream. She was part of the ocean, the sky and beautiful Hawaii. She was Blue Surfer Girl.

I created Blue Surfer Girl for all the women who struggle and keep moving, who believe and never settle, the women who make their own happiness. Whether you’re at the gym pushing your body to its limits or at home chasing mischievous little feet, Blue Surfer Girl gives you the freedom to move, strive and live life freely. And we make sure you look beautiful doing it.

For all of you fearlessly searching for your perfect wave, you’ve got this.